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Written by Tim Pye, this is one of my fave episodes, featuring creepily terrific performances by guest actors, Richard Carter and Damon Herriman. I was Series Director across both seasons. 

Produced by TV1 and Jigsaw Entertainment.


Written by Tim Pye. Guest starring Stephen Curry, Deborah Mailman and Leo Sayer.

I was series director across both seasons. Produced by TV1 and Jigsaw Entertainment.


I was Series Director across two seasons of this critically acclaimed and awarded comedy series. I was also Co-Creator alongside Selena Crowley and Mark C Burnett.

​The show received ASTRA and AWGIE awards, as well as being nominated for Logie and Australian Director's Guild Awards.

Stupid, Stupid Man starred Wayne Hope, Leah Vandenberg, Bob Franklin, Matthew Newton, Sophie Katinis and Chris Leaney.

Guest stars included Deborah Mailman, Jacqueline McKenzie, Georgie Parker, Leo Sayer, Helen Thomson, Kate Bell, Stephen Curry, Marcus Graham, Barry Otto, Damon Herriman, Felix Williamson, Richard Carter, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Kristian Schmid, Terry Serio, Jordan Raskopoulos, Tasma Walton, Greg Matthews, Lizzie Trevan, Anne Fulwood, Maria Venuti, Josh Clabburn etc.

Produced by TV1 and Jigsaw Entertainment.    ​

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